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Paul Baier, born June 29, 2007

February 27, 2014

Paul Baier was born June 29, 2007. He was given a clean bill of health in the first hours after his birth, but the next day, a nurse noticed Paul was turning pale. At first, doctors thought that Paul could have a bacterial infection of some kind, but an echocardiogram soon revealed that Paul had five serious congenital heart defects.

“Just a few hours before, right here in this room , we had taken several joyous pictures of the family with everyone holding Paulie, sharing the euphoric excitement, joy, and promise that goes with any new birth. Everyone was joking about how Paulie was going to be a great golfer like his dad. It was a wonderful time. The kind of moment that, as you are experiencing it, you just know you are going to remember forever. And now this.”